NHM Alive App



Join David Attenborough in a rich, in-depth, guide to ten fascinating but now extinct creatures from the museum, personally chosen by David Attenborough for their significance and appeal. From Gigantopithecus, the towering ape who might just be the Yeti; to Harpagornis, the mysterious Dodo, to the quarter-ton, terrifying sabre-toothed Smilodon, and the museum’s most famous dinosaur, Diplodocus, are re-animated in accordance with the latest scientific research.


David Attenborough’s Natural History Museum Alive App is a unique and exciting interactive journey, bringing the user face-to-face with some of the museum’s most striking specimens. By day, we uncover the science and stories behind these extinct species; by night they are magically brought alive to roam the world hundreds and millions of years after they died out.


Each creature can be explored in the museum day-mode, a treasure-trove of hi-res images, skeleton turntables and 360panoramas of the stunning museum spaces. It allows the user to delve into the history and science of these fascinating creatures, whether up-close at the museum or at home.


But it’s when you switch to night mode, via a security guard CCTV surveillance station, that the museum truly comes to life. Utilizing cinematic, photo-real CGI creatures from award-winning animation studio ZOO, you can search for creatures in the darkness with a tactile torchlight device. As you illuminate them, David provides a specially written audio-guide to tell the stories of these creatures – how they lived, what their world looked like and how we came to discover them. In addition, a timeline of life and specially shot short films unique to the application makes this a must for anyone interested in natural history and for those who enjoy beautiful, boundary pushing apps.