Munich: Mossad’s Revenge

Mossad's Revenge

The true story behind the 1972 Munich Olympics attack and the subsequent following events told by those who lived it.

Released : 2006

Runtime : 60 minutes

1972, the Munich Olympics: eleven Israeli athletes were killed after being taken hostage by a little-known Palestinian group called Black September. It was an event that shocked the world, and the Israeli government wanted revenge. Mossad, Israel’s intelligence service, sent elite undercover agents across Europe and the Middle East to hunt down and kill the twelve people they believed were responsible for the Munich massacre.

Now for the first time, this BAFTA nominated documentary reveals the real story behind Israel’s campaign of revenge and how it spiraled out of control through the testimony of senior Mossad figures, undercover assassins, eyewitnesses and relatives of the victims.

Munich: Mossad’s Revenge pieces together the true extent of Mossad’s extraordinary mission through the first-hand testimony of those involved including former deputy head David Kimche and ex Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and the most decorated soldier in Israeli history who dressed as a woman to lead one of the missions into Beirut which cost many innocent lives.


Engrossing documentary

The Sunday Telegraph

Gripping story

Mail on Sunday

well-paced and intelligent documentary

The Daily Express

Fascinating documentary… A chilling look into a morally difficult subject

The Daily Telegraph

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